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Thank you for visiting Harriet's Dodsworth's blog, written by me, Harriet (shock). This blog was born in September 2019, so it's a baby still.. I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to perfect my theme making this accessible to all and easy on the eye and as I change and evolve hopefully so will my blog.

I'm your average twenty-four-year-old woman making her way in the world and I want to share my passion, skills, experiences with others! I love to travel,i  am no fashionista but I do enjoy styling so a mixture of fashion and beauty will be covered. There are no real limitations to what I will cover so ' lifestyle' will be my broadest category as I hope to tap into the taboo topics that maybe aren't always covered over on other socials. So, if you're after a light-hearted read on a Sunday evening, then please give me a follow!

Want to contact me? Then please find my contact page here 


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