Monday, 30 November 2020


Hey, lovelies, it's embarrassingly been a while, yet again. I apologise every time and I do honestly mean it! So the title is exactly how I felt, time was escaping me and my to-do list kept getting longer and longer. I felt overwhelmed with the amount I had over-committed too and Instagram for me, got a little toxic. 

When you don't get the best engagement it can make you feel rather crap. I started to notice friends not supporting me and I called some of them out to their faces and honestly, I thought their excuses were piss poor. I honestly got fed up, the enjoyment of creating content went a little and I honestly was ready to hit the "delete" button. Why all of a sudden did I feel so pressured to be so f*ckin perfect I'm
not sure. It's incredibly disheartening to think that all the effort I put into creating content wasn't being seen or maybe it was and I just wasn't very good at it. Feel free to give me some pointers, it seems like mirror selfies, kicking your foot in the air and carousel posts are popular but, hmm I like my content to look varied, would you check out my page and maybe give me some feedback, thank you lovelies!

So it was time to take a break, a break from scrolling and comparing and even, creating. Like I work full time too, this is just a really cool AF hobby for me, I have no desire to constantly push promotions down peoples throats, I get more excited about a girl replying to a post than I do from a link earning a commission. That's when I knew I really had lost that part that I loved so much about even sharing what I do.

I decided to have a breather and not to take part in any Black Friday promotions and I turned down some collaborations to earn money too because I just didn't feel like me and when I'm not feeling 100% myself I think it comes across in my content. 

Top tips if you feel the way I did:

1. Unfollow / Remove people who make you feel like sh!t
2. Mute anyone that you temporarily don't want to see 
3. Put your phone down and stop scrolling for a few days 
4. Ask yourself, why am I posting on Instagram, what's the purpose of my account, and is it making me happy.

Follow that four-step process if you want to create a healthier relationship with social media.. my DMS are always open, you're never alone in how you're feeling and no, COVID-19 hasn't helped it's made me realise I thrive off being sociable and seeing my friends, travelling and going to the gym. Lifes luxuries I won't be taking for granted ever again. 

Stay safe, look after your mental health!

Love H x 

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