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Welcome back, after a longer break than I intended (apologies) the real reason, well the clue is in the title of this blog post. Even I, Miss organised needed to get a little more organised. 

I like to think I'm pretty good at the old balancing act, I often take on mini-projects all at once and somehow magically complete them without feeling like I've missed out on the real important aspects of my life. Well, at least I thought so until I had forgotten a family member's birthday and didn't visit my Grandpa because I had booked the wrong day off of work. I know, we're only human and we're allowed to forget or mess things up, but as someone who prides themselves on being super organised and productive, I couldn't really let this go! 

My 2020 Ponderlily planner has kept me in check so far, I actually have a monthly routine of filling in my monthly road map, I love this aspect of the planner, it's a unique, creative routine to get into. It guides you to think about, friends, family, finances, and wellness. 
Desk is Ikea
So, that's what got me thinking, I wanted all of the features of my planner as an instant visual, I wanted to be able to track projects, at a quick glance check those plans, the memorable dates that are often forgotten about when the week has passed. So I discovered their beautiful 2020 wall calendars, I haven't had one of these in so long! Can anyone remember having one of these when you were at school? I would put big strikes through school holidays and highlight Christmas and my family's birthdays with some tacky stickers that I'd got in some teen magazine, ahh it was a sight for sore eyes!

However, this wall calendar will most definitely be decorated in class and style with the assistance of the oh so pretty, washi tape set.
I've produced a little creative corner in my room, so when I sit down to write a blog or brainstorm some content, I now have an instant visual aid of where I'm at with key projects, any upcoming deadlines for branded content, who's birthday it is this month and if there are any appointments I need to attend. 

Along the top of the wall calendar it has some really useful features such as the key code, I decided to use the washi tape set to coordinate some of the key notes I think should be on my calendar. I've used the light turquoise tape to represent any medical or health appointments, the striped pattern tape for birthday's, I actually think the pattern looks like wrapping paper which is why I chose it. I've then used the deep purple for any financial matters and lastly the peachy pink for any social media projects. 

I haven't got one for the deep green yet, can you think of another key code for me? 

Underneath that, you have a section for encouragement, inspiration, goals, and word of the year. I'm really looking forward to filling these in overtime at my own leisure. I plan on building up this wall as a little space for a mood board, being organised isn't boring, it's creative and really therapeutic. If you're interested in knowing exactly what my work routine looks like, how I fit everything into my working week then I shall happily write a blog post on how I balance working from home fulltime and my hobby, blogging. 

These products are really useful, whether you're running a business, working full-time and juggling blogging, a full-time mum, a student, a teacher. Ponderlily has a product for you, they currently have a magical 30% off sitewide using the code SUMMER2020 and you can shop using my, click here.

Get organised with me! Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to leave any comments or ask me any questions in the comment section below. 

Happy Friday, have a fabulous weekend, love H x 

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