Thursday, 30 April 2020


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 Today, I’m working with The Perfume Shop. Whilst none of the products I will be talking about are gifted, my IGTV (I will link here) is a paid promotion and actually one of my very first! So I thought why not share on my blog too!?


Just to give you a little background to this collaboration, they approached me with the idea what they wanted to reconnect with their customers at this very difficult time, by working with a handful of influencers to openly share our scent stories. We hope that this inspires you to think about your perfumes, maybe get you all thinking about why you wear the scents you do and hopefully it brings a smile to your face and encourages you to tell your stories too.


Let’s start with my most immature of scents, Loverdose by Diesel. This fragrance really does bring a smile to my face, my very first bottle of perfume bought at the age of eighteen. I had very little responsibility for anything and so wore this at a time in my life where I was extremely care-free and spent the majority of my weekends and even week days, meeting up with friends and just having fun and not really thinking about life after college. This scent is quite a strong, spicy scent, nothing like I wear now but a good scent to grab when I am feeling like I want a walk on the wild-side.

So, then if we fast forward a couple of years, to my early Twenties. I was kindly introduced to Viktor & Rolf – Flowerbomb. An incredibly floral fruity scent, every time I wear this I receive lovely compliments. 

It’s definitely a staple scent of mine… ah the sweet summer of twenty-fifteen, I spent the entire summer with the best bunch of people, having endless summer BBQ’s with good people and good wine

Yeah, this perfume reminds me of my first proper love, a very happy and fond time in my life. I have since bought this re-purchased this perfume four or five times. Smells AMAZING.


Now I’m twenty-two, maybe twenty-three and I’m walking through a shopping centre and this woman walks past me and I just get this cloud of a floral fresh smell, very unique and nothing like I had smelt before. So, in a really cool way (not) I asked her what perfume she was wearing and it was then I discovered Elie Saab – Le Parfum. I popped into The Perfume Shop and they were so helpful in finding me the fragrance, though it was close to Christmas so I actually ended up getting it as a gift. I absolutely love this fragrance, it’s one I will always continue to wear. No stand out memories but it just has the most unique scent and one I just love to wear, again and again.


If you’ve made it this far, thank you but also I’ve saved the best until last.. My most mature scent, CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle. For years my sister Emily, has worn this and worn it well so much so, I decided to purchase this for myself and haven’t regretted adding it to my collection since! I’m sure it’s an aroma you’re all familiar with and for me it was bought at time in my life where I truly was “growing up”, I wore it a lot last spring /summer and during that time I had moved out of my family home, moved to a city and got myself a new job. It just symbolises, for me transforming from a young girl to a Woman and whilst that might sound cringe, it’s true. It’s an iconic perfume for a reason and I have my own reason. For me it’s a timeless scent, I will always wear.


Thank you for reading, I hope this inspires you to reflect back and think about your Perfumes or Aftershaves and why you wear them. If you need any support on finding the perfect fragrance then there is an online support service at


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