Sunday, 29 March 2020


For the last few months, I’ve had the absolute privilege of working with Miss Selfridge over on my Instagram
@harrietdodsworth, my first post was actually on my birthday so you may recognise some of the items from outfits I’ve previously worn.

So, I decided to create a little look book for you all, of how I’ve styled and re-styled the same items in different ways using all Miss Selfridge! If you’ve bought any of the items I’ve posted then I feel it’s a great way of showing how you can restyle your own items too.

I get concerned about fast fashion, I’ve never been one to throw away clothing every month or even every other month. I’ve learned and I’m still learning that actually clothing is all about quality and not necessarily quantity! I feel it’s important to keep up with styles but not so important to always chase trends. 

I’ve tagged each item where possible! I hope this blog post gives you some inspiration in a time of uncertainty and lifts your spirits and gives you a little boost of encouragement to create some spring-time looks of your own! 

Sending you lots of well-wishes, Harriet.
Jumpsuit & Bag Miss Selfrige 
Skirt Jumper & Bag Miss Selfridge 
Dress & Blazer Miss Selfridge 

Blazer Jacket Bag and Jumper Miss Selfridge 


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