Saturday, 21 March 2020


Not the easiest of three words to confidently say at times, is it? We naturally spend too much time often comparing ourselves to others, who actually, perhaps have a lot of insecurities and hangs up than we would ever know!

Why do we do it? Scrolling through Instagram is great if you feel you’re getting inspired and motivated to do better, but first and foremost you need to be happy being yourself and if you aren’t well then it’s time to allow yourself to be. I’m not just talking about your physical appearance or your personality but your life, what you’ve got and how much you’ve achieved.

So of course when I was approached by @theperfumeshop to be apart of the ME campaign, I was thrilled because I absolutely loved the meaning behind the collection! I’m always promoting body positivity but I hadn’t considered that maybe we also spend too much time comparing our lives with one another. Look at your life and learn to love it!

The collection comes in three amazing scents, Invigorated, Tranquil and Empowered each having a range of bath, body care, home fragrance and perfume. For me, I like to always feel motivated so the Invigorated scent for me was perfect.

Firstly, I love a little self-care and there’s no better feeling than being clean and having soft skin so I took some time out and treated myself to a well- deserved bubble bath using the Invigorated shower gel and hydrating my skin with the amazing body lotion which left me feeling fresh and awake!


I often find that once I feel motivated it manifests itself in-to all aspects of my life. If I have a regular gym routine and come home to a clean and tidy bedroom I naturally feel a lot happier being me. We all have our own manifesto’s to having a happier life and being organised and productive is mine.

If I know I’ve got a lot done in my work and personal life. I often find I much more relaxed when it comes to taking time out to socialise with friends and family. Making the most out of my day by waking up at a reasonable time, eating breakfast and exercising literally can solve an awful lot of my problems that I face when I start to feel my life isn’t so good compared to other people’s.

You can read boss babe Chanel Ambrose manifesto to a happier life above and check out @theperfumeshop ME collection now on the website.

Be happy being you, Love H x 


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