Sunday, 9 February 2020


HEY, how are you? I believe this is my first blog post of the month.. Hello February, another month of opportunity and freezing cold weather! Which, brings me to the topic of this post: skincare, with the constant decrease in temperature, it’s good to keep a consistent skincare regime.

I’ve captured some of my fav and most used products in my wash bag. From make-up remover; to my go-to glow. I’ve included everything I believe is essential to keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy!

Let’s start with my eye make-up remover, for a girl who likes to wear a lot of eye shadows, I spent far too long rubbing away layers of my precious skin leaving it red and sore to touch and I swear I still had eye-lash glue and smudges of mascara even after 10 cotton pads.. So I cannot recommend this Nieva; daily essentials Double effect eye make-up remover, incredibly kind to your eyes, removes everything with a gentle wipe with a cotton pad rather than an aggressive rub. You can pick this up for £1.75 normally £3.59 from Superdrug, what a bargain!

Next in line is my remover I use to take off my foundation etc, again Nieva is killing it with their range, the cleansing milk is ideal for sensitive skin, I always make sure I pick something that won’t irritate my skin, agreed this can be a trial and error situation but on this occasion, I can quite literally
                                     “Trust what it say’s on the tin”

As this product is inexpensive I would say I use this more frequently then my Liz Earle cleanse and polish, admittedly I would say both equally do a good job of removing my make-up. I think the only real difference is I feel my skin is left feeling a little more hydrated with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and I believe the product can go that much further so I don’t feel as though I need to lather lots on to see results! I guess it’s also just one luxurious product I don’t mind spending the money on! #Treatyoself You can pick up the starter kit for £14.45, from boots which actually, isn’t a bad price at all.

My most recent addition to my skincare gang is the Lancôme advanced, Génifique, (thanks to my sissy) for my birthday I received this beauty and lord I’m hooked. This is the type of serum that if you’re ill, tired or dehydrated and in urgent need of looking glowy and human then this baby is your product. The lightest formula with the most incredible scent, extremely kind to my skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. At a pricey £50.57, understandably this isn’t for everyone!

Which, leads me onto my next self-care staple, my Clarins collection is forever growing but for the purpose of this post I’ve high lighted my most effective and used products. For days when I’m not in desperate need of my Lancôme, I turn to my Extra- comfort toning lotion, with hints of aloe vera this product really is a reliable source of doing exactly what it says. The beauty of it is, you don’t need a hell of a lot, it smells amazing and leaves my skin looking dewy and tight! You can pick it up from Clarins for £22.00  plus you can recieve 10% off of your first order!

Keeping with Clarins, their trusty multi-active night cream is continued to keep my skin healthy and hydrated at night. I never like creams that take hours to soak in and leave you looking like you could fry eggs on your face.. when you wake up in the morning it’s nice to look in the mirror and it feel hydrated and ready for your morning routine. Normally £45.00 down to £38.25 at Boots.

A product I’m so thankful I found is the Bobbi Brown face base, the perfect moisturiser before applying your make-up. It soaks in within seconds of applying, my skin is very red and blotchy at the moment and particularly around my nose, it’s an area prone to dry skin in cold weather conditions. So I can quite confidentially say; that, if like me you suffer with dry skin then this product is for you! Try it out from Look Fantastic for £14.00 before you fully make the commitment. 

My go-to glow is the Glam Glow, berry glow daily face mask, smells amazing, giving your skin a little light exfoliation currently £36 but you can get 20% off at Look Fantastic using the code LF20. The ideal top of up of glow throughout their day is the mini glow-setter, it can be used as a spray to set make-up or if you just fancy a little hydration through the day then spray away! You can pick up this handbag size for just £12.00 from Look Fantastic!

Obvious home remedies to keep your skin looking dewy, drink lots of H20, on a daily basis I drink about 1-3 Litres. Sounds gross, but I also believe sweating is really healthy for your skin. When I workout I try to wear as little make-up as possible and if I have to workout with make-up on I ensure I remove my make-up as soon as I get home and shower straight away. Of course, like any other woman, I get the occasional blemish but treat your skin with care, and it will look well looked after.

Happy Self-care Sunday, go on.. treat yourself.

Love H.


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