Sunday, 19 January 2020


The start of twenty-twenty hasn’t been as positive as I would have liked! Mainly because I’ve been off work with pneumonia, I’ve had very little energy to do much and being sat at home was driving me insane!

However, when my twenty-twenty planner arrived at my door, this was an opportunity to use my time off work to really start thinking about moi! Which, aligns with what Ponderlily re-present completely, I was kindly gifted this planner but accepted because Ponderlily knew there was a significant imbalance when it came to our work, social and personal lives. Often the lines become blurred, we struggle to separate ourselves from the three and actually we can’t help but start planning everything we do, around work and other people.

In the opening page of my planner there is a beautifully written mission statement that reads;
“It’s our hope that this planner will inspire you to be mindful, to nurture those in-between moments of life, be open to new opportunities and realize the joy is in the journey”

Personally, I couldn’t agree more, I think I spent a lot of time in twenty-nineteen overlooking the little things in life and focusing on more materialistic things.

So, this planner for me is a fantastic opportunity to be able to jot and down and visualize how I’m going to start taking care of No1 a little more and actually this planner will have absolutely nothing related to work, this planner is for my personal goals! If you turn the page you’ll see there are sections for “Explore + Experience” a daunting but exciting opportunity to think about perhaps what new experiences you would like to set out for the months ahead!

I haven’t filled this page in yet, I think I need a little more time to think about exactly what I want out of this year, as I’ve done so much travelling within the last three years, I want to ensure if I do take any trips, it’s worth-while and worth the money! (I’m trying to save for a house deposit).
Which, actually ties in nicely with the following page, where you start to set mini-goals for that month. We’re already half-way through the month so a lot of these goals will be carried through to February. Can I just take a moment to discuss goals, so a lot of people see a new year as a chance to completely transform themselves and achieve some big goals. Fantastic, if that’s what you feel you would like to do, that’s amazing and honestly, I did that in two thousand and eighteen and whilst yes it was amazing, it was exhausting. So my advice to you would be please don’t get distracted by other people's massive goals, if your goals to you seem small in comparison then stop comparing.

A lot of the time you don’t need to completely change a habit or goal you just need to align it with who you are. An example, for wellness, if you drank two liters every day in twenty-nineteen then why not try and make it three liters a day in twenty-twenty? If you did three workouts a week, why not make it four?

For friends and family, if you saw your friends twice a month, why not make it three times a month? If you saw your family once every few months, make it once a month? If you only took to your boyfriend or girlfriend out once every two weeks, maybe make it once a week.

These little goals can make really big changes! The relaxation box is so different; I’ve never considered to make-time for things that make me feel relaxed apart from a large glass of Argentina Malbec. So I wrote little goals like one day a week, I pamper myself, light a candle and read something.

Lastly, the most unique section is a “Monthly check-in” a chance to reflect on the weeks that have passed, what mini-goals did you achieve, where could you improve for next month, what little goals can you tick off or actually add to! At the very back of the calendar, there are plenty of lined pages for lots of scribbles! I may keep a personal journal or just use it as a way to write down idea’s and thoughts as soon as I have them.

Ponderlily have a variety of products over on their website including free printable planners to get you started, all you do is sign up to their newsletter! My planner also comes in blue, sage green and coral. What is even more special is that each item is eco-friendly so not only are you supporting yourself, but your environment too! Check out their beautiful instagram feed, here

Happy planning, Love H.

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