Sunday, 29 December 2019


The sudden realisation that I’m in my mid twenty’s, I’m not engaged or a homeowner there are no plans for babies, but I’ve most definitely got (most of) my shit together, and that is absolutely fine and suits me perfectly. One thing I’ve learn't over the last couple of years is to not compare yourself to anyone else or where anyone else is at in their lives, it’s self-destructing and it’s damaging your progression, not theirs.

For me, my twenties has allowed me to learn from my mistakes, understand where I was going wrong and change my mindset. It’s also taught me to be selfish and know that it’s ok to say NO, learn to be comfortable in your own skin (this took me the longest), if people let you down, don’t dwell on it accept it, learn from it and move on. People often project their own insecurities onto other people, their actions often end up hurting those that are close to them so actually, they also need to sort their shit out and that’s for them to do, not you. (I know this because I’ve been there and done it myself).

Your twenties truly are the best years of your life, listen to the adults surrounding you they know what they’re talking about, they’ve been there. Yeah, ok I’ve been through some sad experiences, but who hasn’t!? I experienced my first proper heartbreak, discovered that close friends actually turned out to be a fake friends, I suffered with my body image massively and I had to hit the self destruct button to get back to me. However, I also travelled a lot, moved out of my family home and finally got a job where I wake up everyday and don’t dread going in.  All of these experiences good or bad have made me a better person and life experience is one of the most invaluable lessons life can give you.

Remember whilst you’re reading this, this is just my version, there are lots of other versions to what people believe their twenties is all about, if their version doesn’t match yours that’s also ok too!

As a self-confessed over-thinker, I didn’t think ( ironic) I would be in the position that I am, I’m confident in making my own decisions, I don’t seek approval from others for anything and I don’t second guess myself. It takes me half of the time it used to take me to get ready, I have a wonderful healthy small social circle and I’ve never been happier living with a stranger.

Every person’s chapter is different, don’t compare where you’re at with where friends are, where strangers are at or even ex-lovers. The most self-destructing thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else. There are no common denominators between you and your friends, your genetic make-up is completely different, yours and theirs upbringing and circumstances will always be different that’s what makes you, you and them, them.

It truly doesn’t matter if you feel you haven’t got your shit together, or whether you’re only just starting or if you feel you already did by a much younger age. The most important thing is that you’re never just sat around waiting for things to fall into place, chase the dream job, invest into yourself and your future, do stuff that makes you happy, grab every opportunity that comes your way and do not worry about the opinions of others! YOU’VE GOT THIS.

So hello Twenty-Five, I wonder what you have in store.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all have a fantastic New Year!

Love H x


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