Sunday, 17 November 2019


Hello Sunday, how quickly you’ve come around! This week’s post is all about getting yourself organised and stress management. Whether you get stressed sorting out your meals for the week, or if it’s planning your content on social media, there are some really simple steps to help you along the way.

I like to, in general be fairly organised. That isn’t just at work, but in my social life, so like if friends make arrangements I’m like two seconds let me just check my calendar! I like to have times and details pencilled in and whilst some people may find that sad, actually it’s really useful.

When my Instagram started to attract collaborations it was exciting, it meant some-how my content attracted brands to want to work with me and for me, that was just the biggest achievement in itself. As more and more requests came through I started to get a little overwhelmed…

The Rose Gold Classy Planner
Then The Classy Planners slid into my DM’s and it was a match made in heaven. I love their entire ethos, which is why I said yes to collaborating with them, they're building a community for women who have dreams and are ambitious and they need a little support in planning those ideas! They’ve managed to design a simple, attractive and effective way of planning your day, week and month. I was kindly gifted, the Rose gold planner which allowed me to start writing down all of my planned content, new collaborations and blog post ideas. What I love most about a notebook or planner is that it’s all hand-written and offline. Which; sounds strange but actually it’s so healthy for you to just take a break from your device and write down your thoughts and get your creative ideas flowing.

Stress is often related to feeling that you lack control over something and sometimes that unorganised feeling and send you sideways and before you know it you feel your day is spiralling out of control. This is why a daily planner is so perfect to relieving stress, you’re walking, you see something that inspires you our first point of call is to take our phones out and type it out but actually isn’t it much nicer to pull out a planner and hand-write your idea’s down, jot down a list, draw an illustration, create a spider diagram. 

Having all of my ideas, aspirations and thoughts in one place that isn’t of risk of being lost in translation, deleted or forgotten about. Having everything in one central location offline has made me feel so much happier!

If you’re stressed sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back, have a breather and ask yourself why am I stressed? What has triggered me to make me feel this way? What can I do to encourage myself not to get stressed? These are the questions you must ask yourself because if you’re prone to getting stressed and anxious don’t tell yourself you’re not allowed to get that way. Educate yourself on how you can relieve those sometimes heavy feelings of anxiety and stress. Other pressure relievers are having a nice cuppa T, going for a brisk walk, lighting a candle or having a nice hot bubble bath.

Sometimes you also need to just count to three, remember that bursting into random flames isn’t true. There are lots of remedies you can alternate in trying before you pop off like a cork.. If you would like to get hold of The Classy Planner then please click this link, whilst you’re there treat yourself to 10% off using my code HARRIET10.

See you all the same time next week,

Thanks, H x


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