Wednesday, 30 October 2019


Fashion and style will always be of importance to me. Whether I really have any sense of style I guess is judged by my followers, but I do pride myself on being able to bring an outfit together and style it my own way. I always had my head buried in a fashion magazine, cosmopolitan was my go too and at 11 years old probably the most affordable! I would have loved to have had Vogue on the bedside table but sadly, pocket money didn’t go that far, plus I made my decision I little older about designer items. Designer goods don’t come cheap, I know this because I own one or two and I’ve had to save very hard to buy them! 


Skirt gifted by love and kisses boutique

So, when love and kisses boutique kindly reached out to me, asking to collaborate with me and I said yes I saw this skirt and I instantly envisioned Dior!

I never in a million years thought I would be able to style this sort of look or even pull it off.. well that’s for you to decide but I liked the way I styled this particular skirt.

Headband kindly gifted by Blush View Boutique 

Nude contrasting with the grey I thought really worked, paired with a nude patent heel and a jewelled headband (kindly gifted to me by blushview boutique) I could be going to a very fancy dinner date, an engagement party or even a christening!

For a more casual look pair with a black t-shirt, leather jacket, biker studded boots I would also grab my baby YSL bag to finish off the look.

You can purchase the skirt through their Instagram which you can find here or visit their shop at 2 Saturday Market Place King’s Lynn Norfolk.

Happy Shopping, Love H x


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