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D'djabu Hotel Seminyak 
If you work full time like me, you want to see the world on a budget, then keep reading! I’m pretty savvy when it comes to finding deals and with the excitement of a trip you can often get carried away and use the term “ah bugga, why not, it’s a trip of a lifetime” whilst it is a trip of a lifetime you also have a life and bills to pay when you get back, so no I’m not about to burst your bubble, I’m here to reassure you, you can do Bali on a budget!

(Catch flights, not feelings) for £511.67 I had a return flight from London Heathrow – Depensar Bali with a short stopover in Doha. I honestly would suggest booking your flights on your first search, they didn’t get cheaper I think when I initially looked they were £400 I booked my flights through Travel Trolley, good customer service and hassle-free.

My cousin and I took a two-week break to the beautiful island Bali! We travelled around. Starting in Seminyak, then went across to Canguu, then up to Ubud where we then went across to the Gilli Islands and finally came back around to Legian. We had pre booked our accommodation through a quick easy, inexpensive way of planning any trip! Your details are at your fingertips, you often pay on arrival and in my experience are amazing when it comes to refunds and are always reliable. So if you’re hesitant when it comes to travelling and you’re scared about getting ripped off, then don’t stress just book your accommodation through ( you also earn rewards and become a genuis)

Seminyak – 1st June – 5th June D’djabu Hotel Seminyak £110
We arrived to our little boutique hotel, close proximity to everything we needed too and the guys that worked there were nothing but lovely and helpful! We discovered our first Bin-tang here, I love beer and in 40-degree heat water and beer were required. I wouldn’t waste your time at the Potato Head Club, at the time I thought it was fab but actually, I found it a little pretentious and posey the best part was the sunset on the beach opposite the club.

Potato Head Beach Club Sunset 
Potato Head Beach Club

Spend your time here discovering food, embracing Indonesian beer, and their culture. Nalu bowls is THE best smoothie shack. I visited multiple times for the peanut butter protein bowl, my lord filling and so incredibly yummy! Also, first thing in the morning, you will see lots of incense covered in beautiful flowers, burning along the streets this is a spiritual ritual, I believe it is an offering of peace and balance to the gods. 

Nalu Bowls - Seminyak
The currency over there is called Rupiah and £1 = 17,981.41 Indonesian Rupiah so yeah, the currency takes you a little while to get your head around but it’s pretty cheap over there I took a total of £400 for two weeks.

Canguu Echoland Bed & Breakfast 5th June – 8th June £73          This place was a cute surfing town, so if you surf, you’ll love this place there’s plenty of waves to catch on Kuta beach and we were staying just a stones throw away! This hotel was the booujest little place, outdoor showering so you really were at one with nature but had the privacy still. Great location, Canguu was just so chilled in comparison to Seminyak you weren’t in the hustle and bustle. I wouldn’t suggest using Uber over there, please use the local taxi’s where you can we actually had a local tell us off for getting in an Uber!

Finns Beach Club 
Finns beach club was a 10 min drive from where we were staying, this beach club I would definitely recommend going to, it has live music, the beach it faces is private and so pretty! The food was amazing and just had such an incredible atmosphere. So if you’re stuck between Potato head and Finns, Finns wins for me!

Ubud The Artini Resort  8th June – 9th June £74.88 – Refunded half
Ubud was short and sweetish we arrived at what was suppose to be one of the best hotels we had booked, sadly we were massively disappointed because upon arrival the resort we were meant to stay in had flooded and we were moved to their sister resort which was nothing like what we had booked! This was booked through Agoda and I didn’t receive the best customer service, so I would say stick to

So we shortened our stay to one night, we didn’t get to see rice paddies or do the mountain hike and this can happen when you travel so you need to look at the positives. It meant we got an extra night on the Gilli islands (which were so incredible).
Ubud Yoga Barn
We decided we needed to do something relaxing so we visited the infamous Yoga barn and did some late night Yoga in the centre of Ubud so get to it we had to walk past the monkey forest which was scary AF so maybe go during the day because monkeys whilst cute, were a bit scary in the dark..

Gili Air Bambu Cottages 9th June – 10th June £33
We then sailed off to the beautiful Gilli islands it took us an hour to get from Ubud to Padangbai then a boat ride, of an hour and a half to Gilli Air. Worth it, the photos will speak for themselves, the cottage was the cutest little place I’ve ever seen. You get carted around on donkeys and carriages and if you have a case for your luggage, you don’t really have an option. Have you ever tried pulling wheels through sand? Bloody hard work. But at the same time, poor donkeys! :( We had beachfront dinners most evenings, it was kind of surreal having such beautiful surroundings!

Bambu Cottages

Gili Trawangan Villa Julius 10th June – 12th June £88
To get between the little islands you take their local boat service, it took us about 10 minutes which is ideal for island hopping. This villa was stunning and in the perfect location we were only a 2minute walk away from restaurants, decided to hire bikes and cycled around the entire island, making a pit-stop for a Bin-tang and a pic of the sea it was a great way to explore the island, cheap too!
Our last sunset on Gilli T                                            
Captured on our bike around the island 

I would suggest travelling to anyone, try different foods, learn about other people’s culture. Maybe getting a house is on your agenda, or buying a nice car. Cool but stop for a second, what memories are you taking with you into that house? What photo’s will you be hanging on your walls?

I wasn’t great at taking photos back then, so I apologise if the quality isn’t great but I hope this gave you some ideas about what to do in Bali and where to go! To keep up to date with all my latest blog posts don’t forget to subscribe.

Safe travels,

Love H.

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