Monday, 28 October 2019


Jacket: Zara
Trainers: Alexander McQueen 

Hey, welcome to my blog and my first post. Those of you that don’t know me which I presume will be the majority. My name is Harriet Dodsworth, I’m Twenty-Four years young, I live in the beautiful city of Cambridge and I work as a Project Coordinator for a CIC. 

Well, here I am! I’ve officially committed myself to the second dimension of my socials! (sounds serious) but as I sit here with my Pukka chamomile tea and chocolate rice cake (& Louis clawing at my feet). I feel a weight has been lifted, as it’s finally time for me to unleash my creative ideas that have been locked away over the last couple of years. Let me explain that a little, I used to have a silly amount of self-doubt and procrastination was my hindrance. Whilst Instagram has been my most successful social media platform and for plenty of others, I had always hoped that eventually one day I would start a blog. Why? Well, I feel I have a lot to share, I would like to improve my writing ability and I would like to do that creatively. Plus, I enjoy a natter and what better way to confirm your bonkers then talking to yourself.

“I love fashion and styling along with beauty and food I dabble in fitness and I have a lot to say about mental health.”

In addition to that, I will be covering a wide variety of topics, I will eventually divulge into some home truths about your 20’s, the dos and don'ts of relationships, situationships, friendships and how my anxiety saved me. Most importantly you will meet my kitten, Louis and it won’t take you too long to realize I’m that crazy cat lady. So, if you’ve made it this far, first of all, thank you and please subscribe using your email address if not then please keep an eye out for my weekly posts! 

Thank you, Harriet x


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