Monday, 21 September 2020


Hey! Thanks for clicking my link, I have lots of things coming up over the next few months so I just thought I would catch up with you today and see how you're all doing and share with you some things I've been dealing with. 

Privately, my confidence had hit a little low point recently, though I thought I was hiding and managing it pretty well. So, I was a little blind sighted recently when the C-word came up in a conversation and it made me feel so uncomfortable. I was confronted, yet again with "not being confident", yes, feel that eye roll as you read that sentence. The idea that someone saw me asking a question as me lacking confidence kinda p*ssed me off. 

Can anyone relate? Does it annoy you a little when someone accuses you of lacking confidence and when they do they say it as if it's a criminal offence and really unattractive? NEWS FLASH, the C-word shouldn't make us feel that way,  you shouldn't feel the need to be confident 24/7, 365 days a year. Yeah, I've spoken previously about building confidence and how it can really help you develop in areas of your life etc which, also is so true, but can we please stop bashing people for having an off moment, or day and celebrate the fact that they have the confidence to ask you 'what's up'

So, if you feel the way I felt then here are some little tips and tricks to get on top of your game this week.. 

1. Find the root cause/problem sometimes that's the hardest part because if admitting something is up, is foreign to you, you may be in slight denial of what it is that needs some attention. 

2. Identify triggers - Why? So that if you're genuinely not in the mood for it you can actually avoid it. On the flip side knowing your trigger can sometimes allow you to overcome it. 

3. Do something good for yourself. Whatever that may be, going for a run, having a large glass of vino, going for a walk or putting on your fav outfit 

So, a question I have for you all, what does confidence look like to you?

Good to catch up, 

Love H x 


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