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 As we welcome the winter weather it can often feel as if you need an entire new AW wardrobe to get you through the seasonal celebrations. No, not at all. You do not need to reinvent the wheel, simply layer up… When ANGELEYE asked me to collaborate, I knew they were sending out a dress, so of course my first thoughts were, ok how can I style this so I’m warm but don’t hide the dress.  If you haven’t checked them out on Instagram they are a clothing brand called ANGELEYE Fashion, they have a show room in Camden, London and have the most amazing selection of dresses!

So my first point of call is understanding what colours would compliment the nude/pink and leopard print pattern, the dress is silk so I could only really add one other texture and I also always have the rule of having a maximum of three colours per outfit, for example :

If I’m wearing grey and pink I could easily wear a black or white it’s a little like taking yourself back to your primary school years those primary and secondary colours really come into play here.. Another example, if I were to be wearing orange and black well orange, itself is statement colour so actually you would be fine to keep your outfit to a minimum of two colours of course it depends what texture and pattern the clothing is, it’s always fun to add contrast to your outfits!

Now with a bold print like leopard I only really thought i had a  ribbed material to play with or maybe a leather so I popped a white high neck ribbed top with quarter sleeves underneath the dress. The reason I decided to go with a quarter sleeve top is so the top didn’t come out any longer than the sleeves on the dress. I then paired the dress with my Alexandar McQueen trainers, white to match the ribbed white top.

This is just one way of styling this dress! I would also create a look using my cropped camel balloon sleeved jumper from Inthestyle paired with my patent nude heels for a more, dressy look.

For a third look I would pop on my black and silver Gucci belt with my black patent heels for an alternative dressy option. You could then even   pop a black high neck ribbed top underneath, again with my Gucci belt and some black boots, why not add a black hat to make the look even more accessorized!

I really enjoy creating different looks based around one item of clothing and this gorgeous ANGELEYE fashion dress helped me do just that! The fantastic thing about fashion is that actually there are no real rules so actually it allows you to make your own rules. I hope this has given you some food for thought when staring blankly at the summer staple, have a go at styling it up for the seasons ahead!

Happy Sunday, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and I can’t wait for my blog post next week, it will be the 1st of December so get ready for some seriously Christmassy content!

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Love H x  

Photographer : Eva Scholten 

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