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How to Harriet? I know sounds a little entitled but what I really mean is if you want to get prepared for Autumn and avoid that winter sluggish feeling then follow my really simple steps…

Ok, first of all. I always welcome a new candle into my home, an autumnal scent will never go unnoticed if you’re a little Hincher like me then you will already have your candles at the ready. No problem if not because the candle queen herself is here to share the elite and the affordable of setting your money on fire, that is literally what you’re doing.. no?

Face it, you are, it’s like when you buy a purse, you’re buying something to put your money in but you end up actually spending the money and not being able to fill the purse. A little back wards, I know but who doesn’t love a good homely scent?

Buying a couple of candles to place around your home really makes your home toasty and smell amazing and actually can make a home feel very relaxed and calm. My Favourite candles are Jo Malone, The White Company & Yankee Candle, expensive I know but they all have longevity and that’s what makes them worth every penny! However, I recently discovered a new brand in TkMaxx, (don’t you just love that shop so many
undiscovered gems to find) Be prepared to be wowed ok.

“I have absolutely have fallen in love with Sand & Fog. I have their Mulled Wine Vin Chaud at home and its like Christmas in candle without the sweet sickly smell it’s just a perfect seasonal blend.

For all of you Peony Blush Suede lovers there’s a dupe by Pecksniff’s called Amber & oud wood.. wow even the packaging follows the monochrome vibe. GO GET IT.

One tip I sometimes struggle to follow myself is waking up earlier.. before you call me bonkers, hear me out. When the clocks change and we technically gain an hour, 6:15 am/ 6:30 am then becomes light again well it is right now and I’m loving it. The worst thing you can do is wake up in the dark, work and then go home in the dark it subconsciously makes us feel sluggish and often causes us to lose motivation lets say for the gym or cleaning your house. I would recommend setting your alarm that little bit earlier, making the most out of your day and it will leave you feeling like the day hasn’t been as short. I gym before work now, it’s done, it’s out the way and then have an evening of snuggles with my boy, Louis.

Thirdly, get your Wreath on that front door, you don’t have to wait until Christmas there are plenty of autumnal wreaths to choose from il link mine here. I just feel it makes your home look cute and cosy! It could all be in my head but at the same time no, I’m truly convinced it’s the best tradition to get into. I will be exchanging my Autumn wreath in for a Christmas one come December 1st or maybe November ...

Cuppa T, Chai Latte, Fresh coffee whatever your tipple, drink a couple a day, sounds so simple but if you struggle in the mornings make it so the first thing you do is make yourself a nice hot drink, give yourself time to drink it and then start your day. Of an evening there’s nothing better than a nice hot drink and a fluffy throw. Unless you’re that weirdo that hates tea and gets too hot under a throw then I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

Pick up a healthy habit over winter months it can be easy to get into a slippery slope of staying in bed or staying inside a lot of the time. It’s unhealthy to stay inside all day. A work, eat, sleep routine can make anyone feel sad it’s good to get out or go round a friend’s house during the week or even take yourself for a short walk. Fresh air honestly does you the world of good!

Pamper yourself, a little self-care goes a long way I have a little pamper routine on a Thursday, I like to fake tan, do a hair mask, face mask and have a glass of Vino. My favourite fake tans at the moment are Technic, Bondi Sands and St Mortiz. Always moisturise before applying.

Now that you’ve heard my tips, I would love to hear yours! Comment below if you have any suggestions of how else I can welcome the winter weather. 

Also as today is Remembrance Sunday, i will leave a link here if you wish to donate. Lest we forget ♡.

Have a great week, Love H x

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