Good Morning, it's a brand new week, a fresh start, an opportunity to wear an outfit you've never worn before, or even a chance to re-wear an outfit you absolutely love.

So that's today's aim, is to make you do any one of the above today or even this week. I'm back with "The style series". A series dedicated to all the fashionista's out there who just absolutely love to talk garms. 

This week I've decided to style up an outfit based on the idea that I'd actually be going out with friends for some drinks in town on a beautiful summer evening. For reference, I live in Cambridge. So Novi, All bar one and The Pint Shop are my picks of places to go and have some drinks.  

You may have seen part of this gorgeous linen co-ord featured over on my Instagram but possibly styled in a slightly different way. Worn together or separately it's just an absolutely gorgeous linen blazer and shorts.  

The simply perfect blend of smart and casual, you can dress this two-piece down or up depending on the vibe you're after. For my summer night out I've kept it dressy with a white bodysuit (the infamous Zara body if you haven't got one already, get one). I've linked it for you. 

As there is already a lot of skin showing, I decided a high neck body was the way to go, having lots of leg out is enough, plus summer evenings can get a little nippy so it's great you have the blazer to keep you warm on your walk/taxi home. 

Matched perfectly with a pair of New Look nude clear strap heels, the nude compliments the neutral tones you've got going on, and with a block heel, it means comfort doesn't have to be compromised. Side note, I honestly have never bought a bad pair of shoes from New Look. They last me forever, they're incredibly comfortable and more importantly, they're so reasonably priced. I keep threatening to show you my shoe collection.. I will maybe this week on my Instagram. I promise. 

Then to complete the look I've accessorized it with a white woven crossbody bag I was kindly gifted from Miss Selfridge and some chunky silver hoop earrings. 

Let me know what you think, has this inspired you to pop an outfit together, if so what and where would you like to wear it? 

All items linked in the post, i'm wearing a UK 8 in the shorts, a size UK 12 in the blazer and a UK size 6 in the heels and an EU size S in the bosdysuit.

To keep up to date on all of my outfits please follow me on my Instagram @harrietdodsworth 

Happy Monday, have a great week and speak soon x 


What's new in my beauty bag
Hello, how are you? Since I've started to allocate my Wednesdays and Sundays to posting on my Youtube channel I thought I would now allocate Mondays and Fridays to my other little corner of the internet. 

Whilst only a small number of you read my blog, (according to stats) I really do enjoy my late night sessions of typing away until 1am...It's when i feel most of my idea's and "creativity" comes to life. 

So, you're all here because I've updated my everyday glow routine and you want to know what's new in my beauty bag. However, I'm warning you, these products are amazing and you will most definitely want to buy them!

Working from home has become the "norm" for the majority of us now, right?  So it didn't take me long to stop applying makeup everyday, stick my hair up on top of my head and sit in on a team meeting in my oversized cardigan and trackies.. A Slippery slope my friend, whilst my skin was appreciative of the breather and my body liked the comfort of men's grey tracksuit bottoms, I started to neglect my self-care and I didn't feel "ready" for work as such. I had to do something as I noticed it started to take a toll on my level of productivity. 

First of all, water is essential for your skin, in order to stay hydrated you need to keep your water levels up, aiming for around three litres a day, your skin should have a good base glow just from drinking plenty of H20. To up the anti, take two drops of Lancôme Génifique and apply by patting into the face and neck, gently. This serum works wonders, i particularly use it when my skin is looking a little dull and needs that youthful touch. I absolutely love this product but, i do use it sparingly because of the hefty price tag that comes along with it. 

Now, I have to give you a little background to my tanning routine in order for this glow up to make sense. I start by applying my St Tropez tanning mouse, i apply 1-2 layers and leave it to soak in during the day or over night depending on what i'm doing. 

For my face glow-up i then go on with the St Tropez purity face mist. This gives me a subtle colour to my face i then go in with my radiance Clarin's tanning drops which work their magic through the course of the day/night so you'll wake up the following morning and find you have a subtle bronzed finished look, which will then match the rest of your sun-kissed body. 

Sometimes i don't sleep so well, this is where i use my Gin-zing eye cream, it's great for puffy eyes and dark circles, something i'm becoming way to accustomed too! Apply generously. As i'm working from home full-time i don't always want to wear a full face of make-up but i also don't like to look completely bare. This is where my newest beauty product comes into play, if you have watched my By Terry Youtube video ( il link it here) you will know that i splurged on a bunch of products which included the infamous CC serum in Sunny Flash. 
Having played around with this product for a few weeks i've learned to appreciate it's purpose. Taking two drops of the serum, I then mix together two drops of my Hydra-Essentiel Clarins moisturiser to really give my skin the attention it deserves. I love the coverage of this serum, I was blown away with how well it worked with my skin, I'm putting my skincare first and this is an absolute staple in my beauty bag going forward. 
Now I've got my beautiful base, I like to fill in my eyebrows with the Benefit precision brow pencil and Gimmie Brow Gel I use it in the shade medium and i just absolutely love the little hair strokes the pencil gives, it makes them look so fluffy and natural and then to hold everything in place I lightly comb the gel through each brow, concentrating on lifting the hairs to compliment my eyes and face shape. 

Some of these links are affiliated but some of the products have been #gifted and this is a #ad. You can shop everything with the links provided below:

By Terry CC Serum -

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel -

Lancôme Génifique -

Origins Gin-zing Eye Cream -

St Tropez Self Tanning Moose -

St Tropez Purity Face Mist-

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